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Drew Landry – Louisiana Storyteller

I had the pleasure of meeting up with local Louisiana musician Drew Landry just before an acoustic performance this past weekend. Drew was kind enough to spare some time for a few questions and then I stuck around to catch the show. (an acoustic performance is almost always my favorite kind!) Drew did not disappoint! I thoroughly enjoyed the show… Read more →

Lonely Backroad

I’ve never written anything before in my life other than a blog post or a post for social media – so this is new to me but it flowed out without much effort tonight as I try to wrap my heart around “love gone wrong” and the heartache it left behind. The struggle is real and the transitions feel like… Read more →


THIS, my friends, is what we are made of here. As the “Dear Terror” letter states “we will lead by example,” showing the world how they should handle a situation like the one we are dealing with now. We will show the world what we are made of here in Lafayette and in Louisiana in general!! We will NOT bow… Read more →

The Sallier Oak

This Live Oak tree is on the grounds of the Imperial Calcasieu Museum in Lake Charles, Louisiana and is approximately 375 years old, with limbs covered in resurrection fern. It was struck by lightening in a storm 150 years ago, and the trunk of the tree split. Area residents used a large chain wrapped around the trunk to hold it… Read more →