Drew Landry – Louisiana Storyteller

I had the pleasure of meeting up with local Louisiana musician Drew Landry just before an acoustic performance this past weekend. Drew was kind enough to spare some time for a few questions and then I stuck around to catch the show. (an acoustic performance is almost always my favorite kind!) Drew did not disappoint! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I’m excited to get this post out to you to showcase some of his music and story.

When we were able to talk I asked things like: why do you play music? & what’s it all about for you? The answer was the same as I expected it to be from Drew, he is a storyteller who hopes he can reach people and make a difference with his songs & stories. His songs tell the stories of life events and experiences. They are songs about life, love, tragedy, family, justice and our way of life here in south Louisiana. He has a distinctive voice, one you would easily recognize and enjoy hearing again. His songs are real & raw, they are honest and heartfelt; some make me proud of our way of life while others bring me to tears cause the stories hit so close to home. His songs DO reach people already, whether he realizes it or not. I hope you’ll take the time to listen to Drew’s music and share it with your friends and family. You can find links to listen to and purchase his music here: Drew Landry Music.

I found Drew, as a musician and as an activist/conservationist after the Deepwater Horizon tragedy a few years ago when he wrote “BP Blues”. “BP Blues” is a story he told about the tragedy and the aftermath of the explosion and oil spill. He had my heart right away and became a hero in my eyes when he showed such heart for our local Louisiana people who were hurting in a way they had never experienced before. It was inspiring. I’ve since kept up with his music, shared it on Lovin’ Louisiana from time to time, I’ve caught a couple of local shows and I’ve found the song “Carry My Cross” which will always be one of my favorite songs of all!! I am now a solid and faithful Drew Landry fan…

Now-a-days Drew says he is working on a film about the after affects of the Horizon explosion where he follows 5 commercial fishing families and tells their story of life in the aftermath of the spill. The film is due out soon. He says he also has a new CD about to come out too so watch for new work by Drew on his Facebook page, his Website and on YouTube you can search him by name. Amidst it all he is trying to recover from a terrible accident that he recently got in where they weren’t sure he would live or play again if he did. Like all “heroes” he doesn’t have quit in him and he is still standing strong and still performing…

He claims to only be a songwriter but I promise you, he is so much more! He is a songwriter, storyteller, musician, activist, conservationist and, for us, a local hero. I’m proud to present him and his work here on Lovin’ Louisiana. I hope you enjoy the pics and songs as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


“Shoulder to Cry on”

 “90 Proof” (one of my new favorites!)

“Category 5”

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