Jungle Gardens – Avery Island

Jungle Gardens on Avery Island


Jungle Gardens is like a mystical hideaway, hidden away on Avery Island in Iberia Parish. It is a place that is untouched by civilization, far away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world around it. We spent the afternoon walking through and taking photographs of the scenery and wildlife that abounds, taking in the sights and smells of the natural place that it is. We saw alligators, birds, raccoon and deer on our visit and can’t wait to visit again. All images are untouched and unfiltered. Hope you enjoy this post and share it with others.


Today, his famed 170-acre Jungle Gardens and Bird City host visitors from all over the world. In season, visitors to Avery Island can expect to see a variety of azaleas, camellias and bamboo, in addition to alligators, deer and raccoons that live in the hills and marshes around the gardens. Visitors can stroll along a path covered by gnarled oaks laced with Spanish moss and stand at the shrine that houses a centuries-old Buddha — a gift to Mr. Ned in 1936. And then there are the thousands of snowy egrets that nest in Bird City each spring.

How to get to Jungle Gardens – Avery Island: http://junglegardens.org/pagesjg/getthere.htm

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