THIS, my friends, is what we are made of here. As the “Dear Terror” letter states “we will lead by example,” showing the world how they should handle a situation like the one we are dealing with now. We will show the world what we are made of here in Lafayette and in Louisiana in general!! We will NOT bow to the evil that tried to invade our city! Instead we will stand TOGETHER and put our pieces back together, TOGETHER – young and old, black and white, christian and non-christian. We will get through this by doing what we usually do here in Louisiana, we take care of our neighbors, we carry one another’s burdens, we feed each other and above all, we pray for one another and do whatever we can to help each other get through our hardships. Without regard to race, culture or economic status. We will stand #lafayettestrong #louisianastrong

We are shocked & saddened that this could happen in our usually peaceful city of Lafayette, Louisiana. Our hearts ache but God is with us and we ARE a strong, very close community. While this has rocked us to our core, we will come out of the other side of this closer & stronger, having held each other up and banded together along the way… Instead of destroying us, as this evil was intended to do, it unveiled our beauty and our strength. We are so proud to live in a place that we can say these things about! We can’t say enough about our people, they are some of the best people on earth and we are proud to be a part of this community that they call the “Happiest City in the USA!”


#LafayetteStrong (538x268)


Prayer Vigil for Jillian & Mayci - Parc San Souci

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