Lonely Backroad

I’ve never written anything before in my life other than a blog post or a post for social media – so this is new to me but it flowed out without much effort tonight as I try to wrap my heart around “love gone wrong” and the heartache it left behind. The struggle is real and the transitions feel like something close to torture as I move forward, trying to create new normals and get a grip on the rollercoaster of emotions that come with losing someone you love.

Healing takes time and effort, it takes continually putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward regardless of how you “feel,” trusting that God is faithful and present. (he’s just waiting for us to turn to him)  You have to try to stay busy so there’s not too much thinking time and remain positive, in thoughts and actions. Yet you have to take time to quietly reflect and grieve, tears cleanse the soul and help you to see things more clearly. You have to remember that this hardship is only temporary, it will pass and brighter days will come. In the meantime, recall to mind the blessings that remain in your life and be grateful for them. Better days are ahead. You never fail unless you quit.

God bless…


Lonely Backroad

Ridin’ this lonely backroad late at night

Tryin’ to clear memories of you from my sight


The pain of lost love is burning bright

It only seems to grow in the morning light


I love you with all my soul, with all my might

I know I put up a true and valiant fight


Yet, here I am now, where nothing seems right

Ridin’ this lonely backroad late at night


©Catina Laine – Nov 2015

Grief & Love


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