Lovin’ Louisiana – 4th Anniversary

4 years? Really, 4 years? I can’t even believe how Lovin’ Louisiana has grown! It all came from an idea (a yearning) to do something positive late one night 4 Septembers ago. Now our lil community is 40,000+ strong!! Like “What? Really?” lol, that is so awesome, I don’t even know what to say. I am beyond humbled by the support y’all have showed for the page and to me as I went through some of my own personal struggles and major triumphs. Recently, when you were asked to push us over the 40,000 fan mark, y’all came through in a BIG, BIG way. You shared the posts & page so much that we grew by over 1,000+ new fans in just a few days!! Y’all rocked that one but, then again, you always do!

Thank you all for your prayers, votes, likes, support of other local pages, artists, authors, photographers and businesses. KNOW that each of you is helping make a difference in a local family’s life every time you support, shop & buy local!

Happy Anniversary Lovin’ Louisiana Fans!! Here’s some pics from the last 4 years and here’s to the blessings that are still to come!!


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