Oak Alley Plantation & A Little Girl’s Dream



Oak Alley Plantation


I am excited to say that one of the dreams of one little girl, myself, will come true this Saturday when I am get to go to Oak Alley Plantation, in Vacherie, Louisiana, for a visit!! I’ve wanted to go since I was a child and that will finally take place this weekend!! I can’t wait to stand beside the HUGE Oaks that line the path to the entrance or to be able to photograph them for myself!! A big thank you to Gary Dauphin, Director of Technology, Education, & Media Production at Oak Alley Plantation, for helping to make it possible!!

This is definitely one of Louisiana’s most beautiful treasures… I’m so excited that I could burst!!

Oak Alley Plantation


What a GRAND place! So much beauty and so much history!! I have no doubt that the trip and visit will be one that I will remember and cherish forever… I hope to get some amazing pics while we’re there too…

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